Casino Streamers at WeSpin Casino

Welcome to the WeSpin Casino streamers page. Here you get to know a little bit more about the streamers. Each player has his or her own unique style, and of course, they prefer different games. Check out the profiles below to see which players appeal the most to you.

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A social sharing experience

For so long, playing online casino games has been a solitary experience; and this goes against what many people feel a visit to the casino should be. Modern land-based casinos are entertainment hotspots. They are filled with conversation, laughter, screams of joy, and equally gasps of disappointment. The point being, these are shared experiences, and that is part of the allure - in addition to hopefully winning lots of money.

Live dealer casino games gave us the first steps in making online casinos a more sociable experience, and now the streamers at WeSpin Casino have taken that to the next level. All of the players here want to share with you their best (and worse) moments. But as you know from reading What’s Unique about WeSpin Casino, this is a collective effort because players are actively involved in the games through their own buy-ins. Essentially, a WeSpin Casino streamer is the captain. You all are the players; and together, you win as a team.

Common questions streamers get asked

Although putting yourself in the public eye is an excellent way to share your passion for playing online casino games, you may also come across people who want to be negative and critical. Below are some of the common criticisms and comments that you may encounter as a casino streamer.

“You’re not playing with real money!”

This comment is often thrown about largely because when streaming of casino games first began, this was a trick used by streamers to fool their audience that they were playing for high stakes.

The great thing is, it’s totally invalid at WeSpin Casino. Dozens of players are buying into the games, and they are winning or losing real money. Furthermore, this product is operated by ComeOn!, which is a highly respected, licenced and regulated online casino operator.

“The RTPs are different on games that are streamed”

Some trolls believe that the games casino streamers play are altered to provide better payouts, so more viewers sign up. Firstly, this is not possible. The RTP is set - usually by the software developer, not the casino. Additionally, a reputable casino, such as ComeOn! is not going to attempt to doctor its games for the sake of a few extra possible sign-ups.

“How can you afford to play slots every day?”

This is a fair comment to be honest because a standard casino streamer does need to have deep pockets. Yet, once more, this is a moot point with WeSpin Casino. The playing balance is a pool of the collective buy-ins - it’s not one person playing with their own money day in, day out.

Final word

There are fundamental differences between regular casino streamers on Twitch and YouTube with WeSpin Casino streamers.

  • The majority of regular streamers are casino affiliates. WeSpin streamers do not promote multiple casinos.
  • Only the regular streamer is financially invested in the game. At WeSpin Casino, all the players who buy-in have real money on the line during the live stream.
  • Casino streamers often play with bonus funds so they can bet higher. The collective nature of WeSpin means that you play for high stakes with real money - so you keep what you win.
  • WeSpin Casino streamers usually play for 15 - 30 minutes, whereas regular streamers may keep going for four or more hours.