About WeSpin

Welcome to the new community-centred live online casino gaming experience – WeSpin. 

WeSpin allows multiple players to buy-in for scheduled casino slots live streaming sessions. The collective buy-ins form the bankroll for that session. This syndicate style of gaming means that instead of spinning the reels for €1.00 by yourself, you can play as part of a team and wager €50 or €100 per spin. 

Developed by ComeOn Group, WeSpin is breaking new ground in how players interact with casino games. If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to play 10,000x your stake jackpot on max bet, WeSpin is a chance to help you find that out.


Let’s dive into how WeSpin works, and show you just how easy it is to join the fun. To enjoy this new gaming experience, you need to log in into one of the casino’s offering WeSpin.

See full list of operators offering WeSpins here.

If you’re a streamer and want to create an account for streaming yourself, use this ‘Become a streamer!’ link to create your profile.


After clicking the ‘WeSpin’ tab in the menu at your chosen WeSpin casino, you enter the lobby. Here you will find a list of the streamers who are hosting upcoming WeSpin sessions. As you browse through, you can see:

  • The name of the streamer.
  • The game that they will be playing.
  • When the stream will begin and approximately how long it will last.
  • The WeSpin balance for that session. This is the collective total ‘so far’.
  • The number of players that have placed a buy-in already.
  • A button to ‘Join’ the WeSpin streaming session.


After choosing your favourite streamer, hit ‘Join’ and type in how much you want to buy-in for. The money will be deducted from your account and added to the total WeSpin balance.

You can at any time before the session starts, click ‘Refund My Buy-in’ if you want to take your money out again.


When the session is live, you’ll be invited to go to the stream. There will usually be a minute or two for any last-second players to join. During this brief period, you can start chatting with the streamer, and other participants in the group chat feature. This is the time to share those positive vibes and desire for some big wins.

  1. The streamer calls no more buy-ins and announces the total WeSpin balance for the session.
  2. Usually, the host streamer will determine the bet size. This will be based on the WeSpin balance and the maximum bet limit of the game. However, they can also ask the other players involved for suggestions.
  3. The bet size for each player is proportionate to their buy-in, the total WeSpin balance, and the cost per spin. For example:
    1. You buy-in for €200.
    2. The total WeSpin balance is €4,000. This means that you have a 5% total stake.
    3. The total bet size is €40 per spin.
    4. Therefore, your bet size (for each spin) is €2.
  4. With the bet size decided, the game will be put on ‘autoplay’ for 50, 100 or 200 spins. You now enjoy the live action, chat with the other players, have fun, and hope for many big wins.

There are tabs on the WeSpin Casino interface that allow you to view your current share of the WeSpin balance. It also tells you how much you have won/lost during the session.


The driving concept of WeSpin is for players to share their passion for playing casino games, so that they invite their friends and hopefully win together. This is the clinical difference between this product and watching a casino stream on Twitch. With WeSpin, you are involved – the action is real. There is also a focus on responsible gaming. The bet size for each player remains at a healthy level because of the collective wagering aspect. 


Yes, that’s right, WeSpin regularly invites celebrities to be the host for a session. You can play with them and enjoy a friendly chat as well. Check out list of WeSpin Streamers for more info about upcoming celebrity events.

There are also special competitions and raffles included in many WeSpin streams. Prizes include branded merchandise and electronic goods, among other things.